since 95
Collaboration with Bruna Hauert
Friends of Carlotta, Zurich.
Exhibition system for gallery, participation in thematic exhibitions, photography, website

Internship in Barcelona at the studio of Jorge Pensi, working on a range of furniture projects for companies like Cassina, Do+Ce or Casprini.

since 1997
Freelance designer for the lighting company Metalarte S.A. Barcelona, working with art director Carlos Riera. Fluo, Merlin, Soft and Fox lamps introduced at the Euroluce 98, Milan.

Internship at IDEO, San Francisco. Working on projects ranging from promotional items for Pepsi, kitchen appliances to concepts for future office accessories.

Internship with Smart Design, New York
Projects include PET bottles for liquor, manual orange squeezer, garden shears, concepts for media storage solutions or a portable audio receiver for concerts.
The OrangeX Juicer wins a Good Design Award 2000.

Internship at IDEO, Tokyo
working with Naoto Fukasawa and Takeshi Ishiguro on projects for companies like NEC or
Toshiba. Concepts for video projectors or future products using flash memory.

Hoc Lamp for Foscarini, Venice, Italy

Euroluce 2000 Milan, introduction of Norma, Loop, Oba and Arma for Metalarte.


Salone Satellite in Milan exhibiting together with Swiss designer Markus Pfyl.

Organizing production and visual identity for Bilibo.
The product is officially launched on Sept. 28 at Einzigart gallery in Zürich. Active People will distribute Bilibo worldwide.

since 2002
Position as Creative Director for the Swiss toy company Active People with seat in Basel. Working on CI of the company and development of future product lines.
The first major project is the complete redesign of the skill toy Astrojax,

Exhibition design for the international toy fairs in Nürnberg and New York.

Furniture Fair Koeln, Introduction of floor lamp Turn for the Swiss lable MOX.

Broad international launch of Astrojax with new light-up version and accessories.
Development of with community sections, videos and featured tricks.
Creation of 2 interactive learning CDs for Astrojax.
The toy sells around 3-5 Million pieces worldwide.

Redesign of
Launch of multifunctional Boing light balls.

Website for Friends of Carlotta

New booth design at toy fairs in Nuremberg and New York.
Launch of Babal , an open-ended toy to complement Bilibo, the [YO]2 yoyo line and a new Kiwido version with interactive learning CDs.

Launch of ACTIVE Screens, a self-contained instore display for promotional videos playing from flash memory cards.
Introduction of Bilibo Mini.

Websites for the artists Ivo Steiner and Naomi Seroussi.

Exhibitions at the German Museum of Technology Berlin and the Musée des Art Décoratifs Paris.

New booth design at toy fair in Nuremberg. Launch of Bilibo Pixel, [YO]2 Delta and the Astrojax Aqua line. Promotional Video for [YO]2 Delta

Redesign of SAKOL packaging and promotional video. Development of XaXa balls. Launch of the Bilibo Game Box.

Launch of XaXa balls. Redesign of TRIPLE ACTION and FLEXGAP yo-yos. Exhibition design for MULTIPLAY at Friends of Carlotta.

Launch of [YO]2 TRIPLE MOON and [YO]2 MIRAGE

Launch of Pluï bath toy and the new modular Astrojax MX family.

Foundation of own company MOLUK GmbH based in Zürich, Switzerland.

Set up of new company, CI, website, distribution network. Social media platforms: youtube, facebook, pinterest, twitter.
Redesign of Bilibo Mini and Game Box packaging.